Vibration Diagnostics

Vibration Diagnostics

Vibration Diagnostics

Duration: 1 working day

Price: 125 €

* Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, scripts and worksheets are included in the training price.

What have you not known until now, which will
advance your operation?

Customer complains about feeling vibrations at higher speeds, do you know how to determine which vehicle component or assembly is making such vibrations by simple measurement and easy analysis without random component replacement?

Why is this important?

Probably the least favoured problems faced with in service centres are those related to vehicle vibrations. Solving these problems most frequently entails random component replacement. Proper vibration diagnostics saves time and money!

What is the training

This advanced course covers vibration diagnostics as well as isolation of problematic components leading to vibrations and noise, all this with the use of appropriate special tools.

How will you become better in your work
after these training sessions?

Having completed this course, its attendants will be able to determine with certainty the faulty component based on amplitudes and frequencies.

Theoretical part 30%

  • Vehicle and component check before test driving.

Practical part 70%

  • Proper use of vibration measuring tools;
  • Determination of vibrations related to the engine and vibrations related to other vehicle systems;
  • Determining frequencies of different vehicle components;
  • Measuring vehicle frequencies;
  • Analysis of measured frequencies and location of problematic components.