Service information and diagnostics devices management

Service information and diagnostics devices management

Service information and diagnostics devices management

Duration: 1.5 working days

Price: 180 €

* Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, scripts and worksheets are included in the training price.

What have you not known until now, which will
advance your operation?

Modern vehicle consists of almost 30.000 parts. Finding information via service documentation or usind diagnostics devices is neccecary for efficient and quality work in the workshop.

Why is this important?

Finding the right information and specification, reading and analysis of the errors in control unit, as well as system parameter analyis are the first and crucial steps in fault diagnostics of any flaw on modern vehicles.

What is the training

In this training, attendants will get familiar with different service and technical information systems, so they could easily use them after the training – ranging from software navigation to exact finding of relevant information. All vehicles in use today are equipped with electronic control units which oversee work of different systems. Following parameters via diagnostics device, reading reported errors, and analysis and understanding of it is the starting point of most repairs in the workshop. Attendants will get familiar with diagnostics device features, and they can also bring their own device.

How will you become better in your work
after these training sessions?

By using the right information, specification and repair instruction, time needed for quality diagnostics will shorten, and error possibility is reduced. Reading errors and parameter analysis will significantly make the work easier and reduce unnecessary repairs on vehicle.

Theoretical part 30

  • Data organization in various software
  • Navigation in software
  • Workflow and features of diagnostics device
  • Standard and special functions

Practical part 70

  • Finding the relevant data
  • Practical use of found information
  • Basic functions of diagnostics device
  • Error report reading and analysis
  • Parameters overview
  • Advanced features: active diagnosticsm tests, adaptations…