ECU Diagnostics

ECU Diagnostics

ECU Diagnostics

Duration: 1 working day

Price: 125 €

* Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, scripts and worksheets are included in the training price.

What have you not known until now, which will
advance your operation?

Can you locate a problem in the vehicle using only a diagnostic device, even when there is not a recording of a fault? How can you efficiently isolate a problem in vehicles where a fault occurs only occasionally and in certain driving conditions?

Why is this important?

With the introduction of an increasing number of control units in vehicles, the use of diagnostic devices has become essential when performing any kind of works in vehicles. Diagnostic possibilities using diagnostic devices are much greater than just fault readings and deletions.

What is the training

The purpose of this training is to acquaint attendants with the possibilities offered by diagnostic devices in finding and locating faults, as well as with significant time savings which may be achieved with proper and analytical usage of the possibilities offered by diagnostic devices.

How will you become better in your work
after these training sessions?

Time saving in vehicle repair processes may primarily be achieved in the diagnostics process. Many problems may be resolved more successfully and in a shorter period of time by proper and analytical use of diagnostic procedures.

Theoretical part 30

  • Control unit role in vehicles;
  • Input signal processing – direct signals and signals through the CAN network;
  • Analog and digital input signals and their conversion;
  • Types and kinds of fault codes recorded by control units;
  • Standard fault code marking and differences among faults by type, code and manner of recording;
  • Manner of fault recognition by control units.

Practical part 70

  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting in vehicles with the aid of diagnostic devices;
  • Use of different options in different diagnostic devices;
  • Reading and understanding parameters and their use in diagnostic procedures;
  • Data recording from vehicles in the course of operation and analysis of recorded parameters;
  • Finding problems by analysis of recorded parameters.