Dual Clutch Transmissions

Dual Clutch Transmissions

Dual Clutch Transmissions

Duration: 2 working days

Price: 265 €

* Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, scripts and worksheets are included in the training price.

What have you not known until now, which will
advance your operation?

How does dual-clutch function? How can you diagnose defects in electrical and in hydraulic systems of the DSG transmission?

Why is this important?

Dual-clutch transmissions have become more and more popular on the market in the recent years, thus they are more and more frequently found in workshop centres. Acquaintance with operating principles and diagnostics possibilities of the DSG transmission subsystems and systems is essential for work with newer vehicles.

What is the training

The two-day training for dual-clutch transmissions covers the mechanics of the transmission itself (proper transmission disassembly and assembly with attention given to component functions and features), dry and submerged dual-clutches, hydraulic components for transmission activation and electronic transmission control, together with specific sensors and actuators.

How will you become better in your work
after these training sessions?

Having completed this course, attendants will be able to go on to defect diagnostics with the possibility of making easier distinction among problem causes such as related to mechanical, electrical or hydraulic subsystems.

Theoretical part 30%

  • Transmission construction, mechanics;
  • Construction and operating principle of dual-clutch;
  • Dual-clutch components and activation manner of input shafts;
  • Power flow and activated components by speeds;
  • Hydraulics, hydraulic subsystems for activation of individual components and systems;

Practical part 70%

  • DSG transmission disassembly and assembly;
  • Dual-clutch diagnostics;
  • Operation and diagnostics of servo actuator forks;
  • Control unit signals, control unit operation strategies;
  • Sensors and electromagnetic hydraulic valves – operating principle, tasks and diagnostics;
  • Valve body;