Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmissions

Duration: 3 working days

Price: 315 €

* Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, scripts and worksheets are included in the training price.

What have you not known until now, which will
advance your operation?

Do you know which automatic transmission components are activated in different gears? Can you recognize whether the defect is in the mechanical, electronic or hydraulic component? How can you check the components in the valve body?

Why is this important?

Automatic transmissions are probably the most complex assemblies in modern vehicles. Knowledge of the principle of operation of all system segments is essential for any work with automatic transmissions.

What is the training

The three-day training for hydro-mechanical, electronically controlled automatic transmissions covers all operation segments of these complicated assemblies. The training covers acquaintance with mechanical components of the transmission, proper transmission disassembly and assembly, following all required procedures, rules for component replacement and performance of required measurements. Following acquaintance with the mechanical system, the next step is description and operation principle of the hydraulic system – components, their function, manner of operation, impact on transmission features and performances; hydraulic system and component diagnostics, with obligatory use of respective measurements and hydraulic schematic diagram readings. Attention will also be given to electronic control of transmissions, with all input and output signals, their diagnostics, as well as transmission operation control principles in different situations and conditions.

How will you become better in your work
after these training sessions?

After the completed training, the course attendants will be able to properly disassemble and assemble transmissions, following all required procedures, perform required measurements and to successfully perform diagnostics and troubleshooting procedures.

Theoretical part 30

  • Operating principle of automatic transmissions with planetary gears and clutch discs;
  • Operating principle, components and diagnostics of the hydraulic coupling;

Practical part 70

  • Power flow and activated components;
  • Identification of activated disc clutches and brakes and their diagnostics;
  • Hydraulic schematic diagram reading and diagnostics;
  • Pressure measurement and diagnostics using real and set parameters;
  • Mechanical, hydraulic and electronic transmission subsystem diagnostics;
  • Input and output transmission control unit values;