Hybrid vehicle drive

DURATION: 3 working days
LITERATURE: scripts + worksheets (provided)


315€* Price includes VAT and accomodation.

What have you not known until now, which will advance your operation? Did you know that hybrid vehicles operate on high voltage, which could be life-threatening? Do you know how to safely work on such vehicles and do you know how hybrid drive functions and which components operate under high voltage?

Why is this important?Hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming increasingly present on the market, there are practically no vehicle manufacturers anymore who are not offering vehicles with hybrid drive.Their maintenance is mainly performed only in authorized service centres. Considering the obviously growing number of such vehicles, it is necessary to get ready in time and keep pace with this technology.

What is the training like?The three day training for vehicles with hybrid drive has been conceived so as to acquaint the course attendants with different hybrid drive types and systems, to enable them to work safely with high voltage systems, as well as to be capable of diagnosing the performance of specific hybrid drive components and systems.

How will you become better in your work after these training sessions? Once the course attendants complete their training, they will be able to safely work on high-voltage systems and to diagnose the performance of hybrid drive components.

  • Theoretical part (30% of the training)
  • Operating principle of different hybrid drive types
  • Safety at work with high voltage systems
  • Power flow and activated components under different driving conditions
  • High voltage battery construction and operating principle
  • Safety line
  • Battery cooling
  • Power electronics
  • Three-phase permanent magnet motor
  • Brake energy recuperation system
  • High voltage air-conditioner compressor
  • Practical part (70% of the training)
  • High voltage system components identification and operating principle
  • Hybrid system operating regimes
  • High voltage system deactivation
  • Measurements on high voltage systems
  • High voltage battery dismantling / installation
  • High voltage battery diagnostics and parameters
  • Inverter operating principle and testing
  • Inverter parameters and signals
  • Electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (eCVT) disassembly/assembly
  • Electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (eCVT) component diagnostics – parameters and measurements
  • Diagnostics and operating principle of sensors characteristic of hybrid drive
  • High voltage feeding system diagnostics
  • Electronically controlled braking system
  • Work with air-conditioning systems in hybrid vehicles.
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